About Us

At Annz Material World we stock  Moda's lovely fabrics both precut and some on the bolt.

I have always been interested in craft, ever since as a 12 year old my Aunt Doll taught me to knit, my first jumper.  She was very clever with anything to do with craft and tried to pass her skills on to me, but it was as I grew older that I really grew to love the idea of making things.

I have been involved with most needle crafts, but it was after I had lessons in patchwork and quilting that I fell in love with fabrics.

I love the colours and feel of the fabric. The textures and patterns are a delight to work with, and can be used in so many different ways.

I am fascinated with the way a group of people can do so many different things, with the same type of fabric, creating very different results.

Fabric is used in so many different ways and for so many different projects. The quality of the fabric is very important to the end result.  So I  only stock the best 100% cotton.

Fabric has given me a great way to meet people, and make friends.  It has also led me to start this business, stocking fabrics, patterns and Books on how to create these treasures.

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